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7q - Laura Camby McCaskill

Her Keepers was the second book that I read for my Indie Book a Month conquest. I'm delighted to say that I fell in love from the first page and was hooked till the very last. A supernatural, paranormal mystery novel that by no means belongs on the B-shelf, Her Keepers is most definitely worth a read (and maybe a few re-reads). Click the cover to purchase on Amazon!

1. Her Keepers has a bit of the paranormal involved, what inspired you to write that angle of fiction?  


The idea actually came to me because of similar circumstances in my past. Not ghosts or murder. I also have loved ones I’ve never met.  


2. What elements of your main character's personality do you feel equipped her best for the plot/climax?  


She is very faithful, once Tess has invested in someone or something she sticks to it; even though it may kill her. She also has a strong will to live, that came in handy!  


3. How did you construct your plot? Did it unfold naturally or did you have it outlined from the start? 


Honestly it unfolded naturally. I didn’t know exactly what was going to happen until it was down on paper. 


4. Was there any real-life inspiration that fed into the script as far as plot or characters are concerned? 


Yes. I mentioned before that there are loved ones that were lost before I had a chance to meet them. Most of the story (at least character wise) is purely made up characteristics that I ‘thought’ these loved ones might have had; had they gotten the chance to develop them. 


 5. What makes writing easiest for you?  


It’s peaceful, it’s fun, and it’s a chance to escape the world for a little while.  


6. In moments when Her Keepers refused to cooperate, what encouraged you to keep writing to the end?  


Imagining how much the reader would enjoy the story. Perhaps maybe even be inspired by it.  


7. How do you want this story to affect people? 


I want it to get their heart pumping, their mind racing, and their hearts invested. I hope that the book in general will be a good reading experience, with a pleasant wrap up. And just maybe, this plot will be something they’ve never heard or thought of before.  


Thank you so much for the interview! It was a pleasure. LCM 

Thank you so much, Ms McCaskill for a wonderful read and an awesome interview! I hope you keep writing for a long time! 

Happy writing!


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