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The Unfortunate Expiration of David S. Sparks.

Weird. Strange. Curiouser and curiouser.

Set in a world completely unlike our own, this story is loaded with delicious scenery and characters that can only be seen by the mind’s eye.

In a Doctor Who-is, Alice in Wonderland-like reality, we are introduced to a system of science that appears commonplace but couldn’t be more profound.

An amazing masterpiece of mystery and action – a true page turner.

I truly enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend it as a contemporary but futuristic sci-fi.

Negative elements: sparse vulgarity. 

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Her Keepers by Laura Camby McCaskill


Hook, line, and sinker, this book pulled me in from the first chapter. An adrenaline rush of action and mystery, every page yanks you deeper into a thrilling story.

Well-written, well-plotted, and extremely well-told is Laura C McCaskill’s book “Her Keepers.”

A short, nearly 200-page mystery thriller that is just long enough to get your blood pumping and your heart invested before it wraps up in a nice, immensely satisfying package of literary awesomeness.

Definitely one of my favorite Indies so far. Thank you, LC McCaskill!

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The Church in the Wildwood by Alanna Rusnak


This was a hard read. There’s not much of this book that I enjoyed reading. It’s about incredibly difficult times within the confines of man-made religion that unfortunately tends to reflect real life rather than remaining on the page.

However, it was a story I needed to read. It’s an invaluable eyeopener that was so wonderfully communicated by the hand of Ms Rusnak.

She writes with such illustrious clarity and complexity that I never once felt that I was reading a second rate b-novel.

I hesitate to call it a wonderful story, but I’m not afraid to say it was a striking splash of necessary pain.

I don’t recommend to readers younger than 18, as some themes, while not graphic, have more mature implications than is normally found in YA fiction.

Thank you, Ms Rusnak!

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 General Reviews 

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