Dimensions : the Quarter Piece (NOW COMPLETE)

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The daughter of Japanese Foreign Relations Ambassador Akari Hiroshida attends a college of deduction with her friend Chester. During her training to be a detective, Akari Makoto has been kidnapped by nine different groups of people. She's been rescued every time by the town's heroes, Ronin and Crossfire. But when she's given a case that seems impossible to crack and a Japanese transfer student named Tadashi enters her life seemingly solely to torment her, Makoto's low grades seem unsalvageable. This becomes the least of her problems, of course, when Chester is mysteriously injured, Tadashi keeps following her, and she stumbles into one of the most dangerous treasure hunts in history.



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"Girls are dying." She responded. Her tone was a plea, begging him to tell her what to do.


"Everyone's dying. Nokken are killing adults. The academy is killing girls. The military is killing boys. Mothers are killing children to keep them out of Nokken hands. Go ahead. Run off like an idiot and join the ranks of the dead. Or stay here and do something about it. Your choice." He shrugged off the door frame and turned to go. "But remember who you're leaving behind."

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Fifteen years old, in high school, and mourning the loss of her father, Vesper Anderson wasn't the prime candidate to be chosen by an alien species to represent the greatest warrior on their planet. 
Nevertheless, one day Vesper finds a voice in her head. The voice comes with a number of weird abilities. They're almost identical to the abilities of a man who's been destroying buildings and kidnapping young girls.  
Is she being given powers? 
Or is she being used?